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Technology gives nature a multi-faceted appearance and enhances its features.
Total outdoor si declina in diversi colori, finiture per completare al meglio le aree esterne di ambienti privati e commerciali. I diversi spessori permettono di giocare con le soluzioni di posa per dare continuità tra gli ambienti.

Catalogo Total Outdoor 2CM

Laying on gravel

Easy, fast installation to enhance outdoor spaces. Allows rainwater to drain into the ground.

Laying on grass

A rapid solution that enhances and completes green spaces, creating paths and walkways, including in public areas.

Laying on sand

A material that resists sun and salt, perfect for areas by the sea and easy to reposition each year.

Raised laying

Supports allow you to make all surfaces regular and conceal cables and tubes.

Laying on screed

Adhesive laying makes the surface perfect for driveways. This traditional laying system is also suitable for industrial spaces.