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The Group and the company

Alfalux comes from the merger of the historical brands Alfa and Lux, within the Nuova Riwal ceramics company. Nuova Riwal has its headquarters in the ceramic district of Sassuolo: with the brands Alfalux and Saime, it represents one of the largest groups working in the production and marketing of floor and wall coverings in porcelain stoneware with full-body colouring and glazed porcelain stoneware. In 2007, Nuova Riwal joined one of the most renowned and leading groups in the ceramic production sector: Casalgrande Padana S.p.A., with headquarters in Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia.

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Serving architecture

Ceramics open up to new uses. Ceramic design has conquered the world of architecture and large-scale public, commercial and industrial building works. The aesthetic research and high performances of the material allow Alfalux collections to be used for both wall and floor coverings. Architecture projects have found our ceramics to be the highest-performing solution that blends technology and beauty. Our innovative solutions for façade coverings are used to create architectural cladding with highperforming, self-cleaning and pollutant-reducing functions.

Ceramics as matter

Renzo Piano said that ceramics are ancient materials that come from the earth. Exceptionally strong and lasting materials with infinite colour possibilities. They reflect the light, which makes them functionally ideal for all uses. This is why ceramics feature significantly in cities and modern homes. Ceramic material is noble, natural and highperforming: choosing it for modern designs means choosing sustainability, strength and safety. It is not affected by chemical or mechanical stress, it does not burn or give off harmful substances: it is a lasting, fully recyclable material that by nature contains no plastic.

Aesthetic research

The competence of the Alfalux research laboratories assure high technical performance, transforming the industry into a factory of beauty and the innovation of technology, experience and culture. Artistic creativity blends with industrial know-how, technological innovation with aesthetic research. The competence of our laboratories is expressed through the beauty of our detail. Marble and stone effects are faithfully reproduced with exceptional graphic quality. Infinite texture and pattern variants are the result of in-depth research, innovative technologies, sustainable choices, responding to any design need with the best solution.

Technological innovation

Ceramics are light and enduring, and are constantly renewed. Contemporary research and new technologies have brought ceramics to an unprecedented level of function and beauty. The know-how gained over the years has allowed Alfalux to achieve a multi-purpose production capacity, with formats running from 6 mm to 20 mm thick, for indoor and outdoor use, and sizes from the smallest - 15x15 - to the largest slabs, 160x320. In addition to this, the surfaces assure the highest technical characteristics, from roc and grip to mirror-polished marble. Solutions that meet every need of designers and customers.


Environmental sustainability meets ceramic production, to create ceramics with a green soul. The production process does not release any toxic substances into the environment, does not produce emissions or waste products. Alfalux’s full production efficiency blends with its minimal environmental impact, the result of constant investments in research and technology. An eco-sustainable ceramic technology for a product that meets ambitious targets in terms of design and beauty, strength and versatility, with a natural, green production ethic. Alfalux ceramics come from a culture of matter rooted in the respect for the environment, constant research for innovative solutions and the proudest Italian manufacturing techniques.